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youth soccer for boys and girls in nyc 

Top Quality Soccer Club in NY. A model for Youth training | Alba FC. Alba FC Is a Girls and Boys Soccer Club Formed in 2003. We Strive To Provide The Best Possible Soccer Experience And Training Environment For Our Players.

We are Alba FC

Alba FC was formed in 2003, Alba has 

become a model for Youth Soccer in the 

Bronx. We provide all players an equal 

opportunity to explore their potential and 

pursue positive outcomes on and off the 

field. We continue to grow in a thoughtful 

manner, and welcome others to join our 

organization who share our vision of

developing healthy youth through the 

game of soccer.


To provide an opportunity for youth 

to develop and grow in our community 

through participation in athletic 

competition. Our goal is to foster 

welcoming, enjoyable, 

safe, and competitive environment which 

will assist in the social and physical 

development for children of all skill levels. 

To create complete soccer players with 

love for the game and a greater chance 

for future success, by providing an 

unparalleled soccer experience locally:

Progressive. Ambitious. Comprehensive.


To be a club recognized for providing

quality programming across 

all age groups and playing levels and for

consistently developing 

highly skillful and intelligent players

capable of competing at the 

highest level of the game and in life. 

Club Philosophy and Values 

A club committed to the pursuit of

excellence through continuous 

improvement in everything we do: 

as players, coaches and as a club. 

We strive to provide the best possible

soccer experience and training 

environment for our players. 

Soccer will be used to instill the qualities 

of ambition, leadership, teamwork, 

respect, service to others and the 

pursuit of excellence. Our players will 

learn to handle success and 

failure in competition and to exhibit 

good sportsmanship in victory and 

defeat and will understand that 

athletic competition is preparing them 

for the highest level of the game and in life.

We continue to develop Skilled, Confident and Creative players.

Coach Mateo’s dedication to the game and

extensive experience has formed the 

backbone to the business and made Alba 

F,C what it is today - a respected, 

established football (soccer) club. When 

starting the business hiss mission 

statement was: “To develop Skilled, 

Confident, Creative, players who combine 

well with team mates and have the skills 

to go it alone”. Alba F.C. mission 

statement continues to be the same 

however, its curriculum and method have 

continually developed over time to keep 

up with the changing nature of the game 

whilst staying true to its foundational 


Mateo At Stathi WYSL Boys
Travel Coach of the Year 2018 with 

coach Jens and coach Reiner


Our Locations

Recreation Program @ Public School 304

Address: 2750 Lafayette Avenue Bronx

New York 10465

Development Program and small group 

training @ Public School 36

Address: 1070 Castle Hill Avenue 

Bronx New York 10472

Travel Program and Classes & Clinics 

Travel Program, Private Training (1 on 1) 

and Clinics @ Ferry Point Park

Address: 10 Hutchinson River Parkway 

Bronx New York 10465




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You can find us

Bronx New York


2018 Paulding Avenue

Bronx New York 10462