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Spring 2020  Tryouts

Alba FC invites all eligible, Spring 2019, U-8 through U-12 boys to join us at open tryouts!  Our tryouts will be held every   Thursday & Friday from 4:30 - 6:00 pm @ PS 36. Address:1070 Castle Hill Ave, Bronx, NY 10472. We are looking for a select group of strong players for our premier club team.  If your child seems to be a dominate player in his town or rec program, this is the challenging program he needs to be a part of. Parents of prospective players are asked to email us with their intention to join us for tryouts at   Please include the players name, age and telephone number. Why choose Alba FC?...because at Alba FC, our players are trained by an elite staff made up of trainers and coaches that formerly competed or coached at a professional level. We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to play at their best and be part of a club that supports and encourages each and every player to strive to reach maximum potential both as a competitor and a person. The tryouts are run in an open session and your child will have the opportunity to train with our teams and trainers. There is NO FEE for tryouts. Here at Alba FC, we're not just a soccer Club, we're a family. We understand that the choice to join a new club can be filled with many questions and concerns and we welcome the opportunity to discuss any questions you may have with our directors and staff. Please bring a ball and water to your tryout. Shinguards are MANDATORY.  Contact us at with any questions.

Travel Policies 2019/2020

AFC Travel is the most comprehensive program in the Bronx. Playing the Game, Teaching the Game - that's what Alba FC is all about. AFC offers the best Advanced Youth Training & Performance programs in the Bronx. Advanced training for young players throughout the year, both field players and goalies. This is a challenging environment for serious boy or girl players looking for additional training to become a quicker, stronger and more confident player. These courses are offered all year round.

 Goalie Training - Foot-skills / Power Shooting - Foot-skills / Fakes & Feints -  Foot-Skills & Air Control - Skills & Scrimmage                   

Alba FC provides a Travel Soccer program that is designed to develop a player’s skills to their fullest potential and to play in a supportive and appropriate competitive team structure. AFC emphasizes individual growth and sportsmanship: the goal is to have fun while learning.These policies have been formulated to protect the safety of the players, and to establish fair play. Three important components go into AFC’s adherence to policy decisions:

  1. Concern for the safety and well being of the players: If a player misses significant numbers of practices and games, their skills and their conditioning fall behind the level 
  2. of the other players. This can pose physical risks to all involved.
  3. A need for the fair application of the rules to every player: If all players are to be expected to maintain their obligations, exceptions cannot be made for individuals. This is 
  4. important to the discipline and health of the team.
  5. Given the limited nature of a team roster, slots on a roster should by rights go to those players who are willing to make a full commitment.

Tryouts/Admission to a team

AFC runs competitive teams. The coaching staff evaluates players during tryouts. Players must be observed at least twice during practices (more at the coach’s discretion) or the two tryout days. The decision to admit or not admit a player to a team will be based on the coaching staff’s assessment of that player’s physical abilities, their mental attitude, and their readiness for play at the competitive level. Participation on a team one year does not guarantee selection the next year.  Selected players must honor the one full year commitment of fall, winter and spring seasons to the team.  Players will not be released between the fall and spring seasons to play with another soccer club.

A coach may dismiss players from their team for unsportsmanlike conduct or disciplinary reasons, after first verbally warning the player and her parents of possible dismissal, and informing and discussing the situation with the team coordinator. A player with a serious injury may also be removed from the active roster to allow a healthy player her spot on the team. In the event of player loss, or other valid reason, a coach may add players before the 3 game of each season, in accordance with state and league rules and club guidelines.


Team practices are mandatory.  It is a travel player’s responsibility to organize themselves and their schoolwork so that they can attend all practices. Homework is not a legitimate excuse for missing practice. All players have homework and are expected to organize their time to ensure that all their personal commitments can be kept. Soccer is a physical sport; a player with incomplete training has a greater likelihood of injury both to themselves and to their teammates. Since the coaches and club must assure the safety and the readiness of their players to play, poor practice attendance could negatively affect game playing time. Players must notify their coach or team coordinator of an absence before the start of practice. Players consistently missing practices without clear medical reasons or prior discussion will be first benched during games, then warned, then asked to leave the team. Players registered with (ASA) may not practice with other travel teams without permission from their coach.


Travel teams will be playing on Sundays. Attendance at games is mandatory. Circumstances that may interfere with scheduled games—such as special religious observances or important family occasions—should be discussed ahead of time with the team coordinator and coach.


Travel team players should play in an age-appropriate number of tournaments as determined by the coaching staff.  Tournaments give players a chance to meet players from outside their league, and to keep their play sharp, especially during the winter season.

Decisions About Play

Decisions about a child’s team, their position, and their playing time are made by the coaching staff. Playing time during games will be determined by the coach according to (in part) a player’s attitude, game dynamics  and commitment to the team measured by practices.  A coach should make his or her policies clear at the beginning of the year; players should know what is expected of them. Questions about this may be addressed to your coach.

Player Code of Conduct

The following standards are established to govern the behavior of players before, during, and after soccer matches:

I will not address remarks to opposing players, referees, coaches or spectators. This doesn’t apply to genuine remarks of friendship, apology or acknowledgment of excellent play. I will not retaliate when fouled or ever engage in play with the intent to harm the opposition or a team mate. I will avoid comments or gestures that express disagreement with a referees call although I may ask for an explanation if I don’t understand. I will never argue with a referee’s decision. I will play against my opponents and not worry over calls made by the referee since these may distract  I will control my temper at all times and will never use profanity during practice or games. I will control my temper at all times and will never use profanity during practice or games. I will convey a positive attitude towards my opponents and team mates and never belittle them. I will listen and be attentive when the coach is talking and ask questions if I don’t understand. I will inform the coach when I’m hurt or am limited by physical or mental stress.

Parent Code of Conduct
Let the Coaches Coach.
Leave the coaching to the coaches. This includes motivating during practice, pre-game pep talk, after game critiques, the setting of goals, requiring additional training, etc. You have entrusted the care of your child to the coaches; they need to be free to do their job.  Always Be Positive. Parents serve as role models for their children – please work to be a positive role model for all the children on the team. Applaud good plays by your child as well as his or her teammates. We expect you to be supportive of all our players. Under no circumstances should any negative comments or remarks about teammates, coaches, referees, or other club officials be made in public. This admonition applies to your child's team players, coaches and parents as well as the opposing team's coaches, players, and parents, and the referee.   
Every parent has concerns and criticisms from time to time – the coaches and the club want to hear and respond to them.  But please make sure that they are shared in an appropriate time and place.  Please try to foster healthy discussion that look toward solutions. Remember Your Child Wants To Have Fun. Your child is the one playing soccer, not you. It is very important to let children establish their own goals and to play the game for themselves. Take care not to impose your own standards and goals on them. Children play for the love of playing and parents must foster the proper balance in their children between striving for success and enjoying soccer.
I will enjoy my child’s opportunity to experience the benefits of participating in soccer. 
I will remember that children participate to have fun and that the game is for them, not for the adults. 
I will inform the coach of any physical disability or ailment that may affect the safety of my child or the safety of others. 
I will encourage my child and other children on the team. 
I will make every effort to attend and be on time for all team events. If I am not in attendance, I will make every effort to promptly pick up my child or make arrangements for their safe return home.  
I (and my guests) will refrain from coaching my child or other players from the sidelines during games and practices, unless I am one of the official coaches of the    team.  Failure to comply with a request from the team’s coach, manager, or other club official may result in my expulsion from the field.  Failure to comply with this   request  may lead to a decision to bench, or suspend, my child. 
I (and my guests) will not engage in any unsportsmanlike conduct toward any official, coach, player or parent. This includes, but is not limited to: booing, taunting, use of profane language or gestures, or physical contact.  Failure to comply with this rule may result in my suspension from the field and my child’s suspension from the team.   
I will encourage my child to learn and play by the rules of the game, and to resolve conflicts without resorting to hostility, violence or other behaviors that could endanger the health or well being of other players. 
I will see that my child treats other players, coaches, officials and spectators with respect, regardless of race, color, creed, sex or ability. 
I will provide my child with a sports environment that is free from drugs and alcohol and refrain from their use at every event. 
I will respect the coaches and officials and their authority during games and will never question, discuss or confront coaches or officials at the game field, and will take the time to speak with coaches and officials at an agreed upon time and place.

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