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The 2021/22 program is open to children born 2013-2008.


The Development Program at Alba FC is intended to act as a bridge/pathway to our competitive program. The emphasis in this program is on creating technically proficient players that have an understanding of small sided tactics by the time they move forward into the competitive program. The use of various small sided games to teach various aspects of the game are heavily used. Ball mastery, 1v1 attacking & defending, running with the ball, back to pressure and numbers up and numbers down activities are just a few examples of the topics we cover in our curriculum. Players progress at different rates and as such the Alba FC staff ensures to train everybody in a manner that is best for the individual’s needs. AFC embraces a positive environment that nurtures the development of young soccer players both on and off the field. AFC Staff are licensed and experienced coaches whose demonstrations include demanding instruction, step-by-step clarification, and playful joking to bring out the most sensitive technical points for children to grasp and imitate.  The Development program is a yearlong program that offers a higher level of training than that of our Recreational program

We Teach the Pyramid of Player Development.

BALL MASTERY: The Foundation The touch, control and confidence that affects every other part of the pyramid. This teaches hard work & self-responsibility. RECEIVING & PASSING: The Teamwork Skills Without them little is possible. This teaches communication. 1 v1 MOVES: Individual Skills To keep possession and create space & time to Pass, Run or Shoot. This teaches confidence & creativity. SPEED: Mental and Physical Speed With and without the ball. Acceleration. Reaction. Decision Making. This teaches competitiveness. FINISHING: Scoring skills around the box Focus. Timing. Courage. Concentration. This teaches responsibility. GROUP PLAY: Putting it all together Small group defense. Fast break attack. Combination play. This teaches team work

U7 - U9 Development Program

Focuses primarily on the player and technical proficiency inball mastery, gross     motor movements and  playing in pairs. Developing talented young soccer players, using fun small sided games and activities to facilitate a  dynamic  learning  environment. Trains twice per week and plays games over the weekend at Ferry Point Park or  Lehman HS. 

U10 - U13 Development Program

Expands on topics from the U8 age group and begins to introduce more advanced  technical passing  concepts as well as more  advanced decision making activities. Still uses small sided activities but begins to challenge the players to work in 3’s  and  4’s instead of just pairs Trains twice per week and plays games over the weekend at Ferry Point Park or Lehman HS.


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Program Details

Starting Date 09/22/2020 .

Program includes 4 Lessons

Duration 1 Hour

How Often Once a week

Schedule Is based on age group

Day of the week Wednesday

Each session includes: Warm Up Ball Mastery &Fun Game   -   Speed With & Without the ball  -  Moves 1v1 Attack & Defense 1v1 & 2v2  - Group Play Passing, Receiving, Finishing  - Small Sided Games Free & Conditioned

Location: Public School 36

Address:  10700 Castle Hill Avenue, Bronx New York, 10465

Uniform It is optional Price $40

Program Cost $210  per player


Bronx NY boys and girls soccer league. Travel and recreation soccer program for children all ages. Fall, winter, spring Indoor and outdoor soccer leagues and tournaments. One of the best soccer clubs in the Bronx. Individual and team training.


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Alba FC. Bronx NY

A Non-Profit Organization Established in 2009 to Promote

Youth Soccer in Bronx and its Neighboring Communities

Mailing Address: 2018 Paulding Ave. 2Fl, Bronx, NY 10462